Cat and Mouse in the US-Iran Conflict

“Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!”

~US President Donald Trump on April 1, 2020

It is no April fool’s joke. President Trump sent a bold message to Iran regarding action against US troops and interests in Iraq.

For months there has been “jockeying for position” in Iraq, as Iran has continued to press in to establish proxy installations there, capable of attacking American bases. The US has consolidated bases in Iraq, making it more imposing for those proxies to attack.

In the midst of it all, C-19 is roaring across the Middle East, where thousands are believed to have died in Iran and Iraq, including key members of Iranian military leadership. Movement of US troops is said to be a deterrent against exposure to C-19 as well.

What’s it all about? Some are suggesting Iran is about to take action, which is what President Trump warned about. Others believe the US could take preemptive action.

What is rarely considered is the spiritual foundation of what is going on in Iraq and Syria, as regards the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC). It is the belief of the Ayatollah and other high ranking Iranian leaders that Allah has called them specifically to kill infidels and create chaos in order to hasten the coming of the Islamic messiah. This isn’t a political war…it is a spiritual one!

Currently, Iran and its proxies are operating in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and parts of East Africa. They are inside the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and Hezbollah sits just over the Lebanese border awaiting orders to do Iran’s bidding. A close look at a map will reveal who sits in the middle of it all with a bull’s eye on their back. (Israel)

map of middle east | Middle east map, Syrian refugee crisis ...

Amazingly, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia remain out of the fray. Not surprising, given the Russian-led coalition described in Ezekiel 38, which will invade Israel from the north, does not include those three! Bible prophecy proving true once again.

The point here, though, is to consider the part the US is playing. Right now, they stand between Russia getting their hands on oil and gas in the region (never mind the gas war between Russia and Saudi Arabia!), Iran setting up shop and taking direct aim at Israel, and Turkey becoming a dominant force in the Muslim world. Ezekiel’s “big three” are being held at bay, in large part, by American presence in the Middle East.

Yet, how long can it last? What happens if the coronavirus spreads to our military (as it already has to personnel on one aircraft carrier)? What happens if a “less-Israel-friendly” president enters the White House in January? What happens if Benny Gantz reverses many of the tremendous gains with the US that Netanyahu worked so diligently to put in place?

We live in uncertain times.

But what about you? Where is your certainty? Who or what are you depending on in these trials and chaos? Your money? Our politicians? Your own abilities and resources?

Dear friends, all of that could be wiped away tomorrow, but the one thing that endures is a personal relationship with Jesus, and trust that, regardless the outcome, we know how it all ends!

Yes, this could all “blow over” and we could all get back to our own happy lives, free from disease and war. But even if so, those things are sure to return. If your trust is not firmly planted in Jesus Christ, today is the day! We are approaching Easter and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died, was buried and rose again on the third day to free us from sin. Jesus ascended to heaven to prepare a place for us and He is coming again…soon. But you don’t have to wait until Resurrection Day (Easter) to put your trust in Him!

Click here to put your faith in Jesus now. The Bible calls it being “born again.” That is your ONLY hope in troubled times and in good times. Now is the time!

Blessings my friends!

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