While You’re Stuck at Home, Why Not Tour Israel!?!

I love this! Have you ever wanted to go to Israel, but haven’t made it yet? Have you been there, but can’t remember all the magnificent sites and their significance? Have you been there, but its been a while, so you didn’t get to see all the great new sits that have opened to tourists in the past few years?

Well, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) in Israel has just the thing for you while you sit at home during the C-19 crisis! Each day they are posting new video tours of key sites in Israel. These places are amazing and CBN provides Biblical commentary of what you are seeing.

I’m familiar with every featured site so far, but I’m tuning in each day anyway because regardless of how often you’ve seen them or how much you know, archaeologists are still uncovering more and more interesting finds each day!

During this “down” time, why not be lifted “up” by seeing places Jesus walked and ministered, and imagine yourself being there! Each day, just go to this link and scroll down for the latest:

Visit Israel from Your Home

PS: We’re planning our next “real” trip to Israel in late-February 2021 (a gorgeous time to be in Israel)! The Corona chaos has slowed planning to a crawl, but Lord willing, all plans will be finalized as quickly as we can after this is over! Current information is not yet posted, but it will be very similar to the 2019 trip. You can review that info here.

While you’re stuck at home, why not tour Israel!?! Enjoy!

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