“Digital Dollars” Ditched from Corona Bill

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As Congress argued over terms of the coronavirus stimulus bill, one obscure detail garnered little attention in the media, though it caught the attention of savvy Bible students.

A provision in one of the early drafts of the bill included use of “digital dollars,” a system of digital wallets maintained and operated by the Federal Reserve. The first concern might be the fox guarding the chicken coop. But the second concern regards Bible prophecy.

“Digital dollars” is only the latest in a trend that has seen paper money and checks disappear almost totally from our every day life. Most of us are enjoying the convenience of credit card swipes, pay apps and other things that do not require pulling a wallet out of a purse or back pocket.

But, those savvy Bible students have read Revelation 13 and understand what will occur during the Tribulation. In that chapter, we learn of Satan’s minions who wreak havoc upon the earth.

There are only 18 verses in the chapter. Read it for yourself to get an understanding of the evil that will be unleashed during the Tribulation. Then, focus on verses 16-17. In the midst of it all, there will be no use of money, for only those bearing the mark on their right hand of forehead will be able to buy or sell. Cash will be no more, and those marks will serve as a means to buy and sell. In other words, everything will be electronic!

So, is it a big deal that “digital dollars” appeared in the stimulus bill? Is it significant that caveat was removed? In the grand scheme of things, the cashless society is coming…whether we like it or not. However, every delay in promoting Satan’s agenda is a victory for those of us who see these days as the last harvest days on earth.

Friends, this is only one more small sign that we are living in the time and season of Jesus’ return. As we see signs of the Tribulation take shape, we know the Rapture could happen at any time. There is a harvest out there and we’ve got work to do! Let’s do it!

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