Sharing Some Thoughts about COVID-19 and Living in the Last Days

Oh, how apropos is that!?! How many of you are like me…once morning quiet time was over, life has gotten so busy that talking to God took place in bits and pieces whenever we could squeeze it in? Granted, we often became creative. I took prayer walks each morning and afternoon at work, I closed my door during lunch to have a few quiet moments with the Lord, and shower time was spent listening to a Bible app.

Nothing wrong with any of those ideas. But shutting down the distractions and “attention grabbers” has become a real challenge in America’s fast-paced, cram-the-day-full lifestyle. Were we fully committed to knowing Him moment-by-moment as a Bride longs to know the Bridegroom?

The C-19 crisis has forced most of us to slow down. Though I continue to work from home, I find it refreshing when I go out to take walks around the block because people are outside doing things. Practically every car in the neighborhood is sparkling clean, people are working in their yards, garages are being cleaned out, dads are out playing with the kids and other kids are out riding bikes and playing in the neighborhood. Ah, a glimpse of “the good ol days” when life was slower and we actually had time for what matters!

The time I typically spend driving to and from work is now extra time I spend in God’s Word, and I have reinstituted Friday nights as study time. Suddenly, my senses are heightened to what God has to say to me! I am gaining a fresh perspective on new studies I am outlining, and am filled with Bible truths and insights I’m anxious to share.

We are seeing unprecedented things in our world, all of which point to actual end time signs the Bible describes (such as the alignment of nations in Ezekiel 38), or are birth pangs Jesus Himself told us would occur (such as pestilences in Matthew 24).

The question that keeps coming to mind is: Are we ready? Christian friends, Jesus told a parable in Matthew 25:1-13 of those who awaited the coming of the Bridegroom. Half were prepared, with oil in their lamps. Half played the part of readiness, but really weren’t when the time came. Those prepared entered into the wedding feast, while Jesus indicated He never knew the other half.


Then our warning:

Be on the alert then, for you do not know the day nor the hour.

~Matthew 25:13

Have we given God our attention during this crisis? We may not have another chance because we literally do not know the day nor the hour. Are our lamps filled with oil (a symbol of the Holy Spirit)? He longs to know us. He longs to indwell us. Are we creating habits that enable us to know Him, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit? If the Bridegroom comes today, are our lamps filled with oil?

Are we ready?

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