Breaking: More Israeli Strikes on Iranian Targets in Syria

Image result for Israeli strikes Homs Quneitra
Activity in the skies above Syria

Around 12:30 am Thursday (Israel time), Syrian air defense systems engaged in response to Israeli attacks near Homs and Quneitra. (For those of you who have been to Israel, Quneitra is the Syrian village easily seen from Ben Tal on the Golan Heights border with Syria.)

Key Iranian military bases are located in Homs, and Quneitra is a forward position thought to be a favored location in Iranian attempts to encroach upon the Israeli border. Per an agreement with Russia, Iranian troops were to be kept several miles from the border, though the Russians have not appeared to take action.

As military action continues to swirl around Damascus, we are reminded of Isaiah’s prophecy that one day Damascus will cease to exist. These attacks were not on Damascus, but ultimately, that is where the action will be.

Keep looking up…our redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28)

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