How Can You Follow Jesus and Support President Trump?

Hi friends! While I prefer to stay out of the online political fray unless it relates to Israel, I read a very well done article recently, asking the question: “How can you follow Jesus and support President Trump?”

Before I share it, I will say what I have said many times: I am not a fan of Donald Trump personally, but it is incredibly difficult to deny that he is the most pro-Israel, pro-life, pro-religious freedom president in US history. I struggle with some moral and ethical decisions he has made in his lifetime, and I truly wish someone would take away his Twitter account. However, who of us holding to conservative values can argue he has not made incredibly positive impact?

In Scripture, there are many examples of God using those with less than sterling reputations to be vessels of His amazing sovereignty! (Moses, David, Saul, Cyrus…even a donkey!) I believe the same is true of God’s use of Donald Trump.

With that as backdrop, prayerfully consider the thought shared here:

How Can You Follow Jesus and Support President Trump?

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