Innovation Nation: Amazing Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

Hi friends! Our tour rewind is done and I’m still coming back down to earth following the absolutely incredible time we had in Israel. There is lots of news in and about Israel, and lots more Bible teaching to share, so if your love for Israel and the Jewish people has grown, I invite you to continue following. While I prepare special reports on current events, the soon-to-come Hanukkah season, and even Christmas, here is some interesting news coming out of Israel!

Despite constant threat from surrounding enemies, Israelis continue to push forward as a world leader in innovation of all kinds. Recent news includes breakthrough research showing great promise in the fight against cancer.

However, that’s not the only medical breakthroughs taking place there. Check out the latest “Made in Israel” production, featuring some of those breakthroughs. You will be amazed!

As we enjoy this season of giving, stop to consider all that Israel gives to the world. In fact, I am reminded of Genesis 12:3, in which God’s says all the families of the world will be blessed by them! That blessing, of course, is salvation. However, the world reaps many tangible blessings as well!

Take a moment to pray to God, thanking Him for the blessings that are ours because of Israel.

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