Finding Nehemiah’s Wall

Part of our tour group relaxing near Nehemiah’s Wall

Hi friends! I still have Israel on my mind, so when I saw the following article I was transported in my mind right back to our recent trip to Israel where, one sunny afternoon, we sat right in front of Nehemiah’s Wall! There, we read the account of Nehemiah’s heroic rebuilding of the city’s walls. Wow…how God’s Word comes alive when you sit onsite reading it!

In the City of David, excavations continue to turn up incredible findings. Recently, new sections of Nehemiah’s Wall were discovered, and there is quite a story behind it! Check out this article:

Discovered: Nehemiah’s Wall

Stay tuned. This year Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, so we’ll take a look at the Jewish Hanukkah celebration before turning our thoughts toward Christmas.

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