An Israeli Perspective on Trump’s Syria Policy

Did President Trump truly blow it when he withdrew American troops from Syria, or did he have a greater strategy that is just beginning to play out? A couple weeks ago, we touched on that thought (see Did President Trump Really “Blow it” in Syria?). At the time, I stated that it was difficult to know, as there are more “behind-the-scenes” details we do not know.

For example, we had no idea the manhunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would culminate in the demise of the brutal ISIS leader less than two weeks later. The Kurds played a very significant role in that accomplishment, forcing any logical-thinking person to re-consider whether or not Trump had suddenly turned allies into enemies.

Hindsight also provides opportunity for knowledgeable observers to make intelligent observations. One such observer is Caroline Glick, an American-educated Israeli who is as tuned in to happenings in the Middle East as just about anyone. Whether or not we agree with everything she says is not the point. However, considering the possibilities she puts forth causes one to stop and think about the real picture in Syria, and whether or not President Trump has a clue about how to handle that situation.

Take a few minutes to read Glick’s article. It will certainly stir your thoughts!

Al-Baghdadi and Trump’s Syrian Chess Board

What do you think?

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