The Fascinating Kidron Valley

Lying between the Mount of Olives and Temple Mount, the Kidron Valley has played a key role in Israel’s history…and will play a huge part in future history when God gathers all nations there (also known as the Valley of Jehoshaphat) to judge the nations! (See Joel 3:1-2) That will be the final test of how each nation treated God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people!

However, today I want to share a a 5-minute video of what we will see there in November! You may be familiar with Dave Stotts and Drive thru History. They have become wildly popular in Christian circles for “drives through” various places, from a Christian perspective.

Several years ago I had the blessed privilege of meeting the incredibly talented film crew behind the Drive thru History series. Due to circumstances only God could have arranged, they had just completed filming in Israel and, as they were putting together the Drive thru the Holy Land series, we had opportunity to talk about the wonders of Israel. As a result, I was invited to edit content and location accuracy of that series!

What a blast…and what a privilege! The production company, Coldwater Media, is made up of some of the most fun and talented people imaginable, and they love the Lord with all their hearts!

With that, I commend the following video to you! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it begins to paint a picture in the minds of those of you who are traveling with us to Israel in November! If you have not been to Israel, my prayer is you will get a glimpse of the significance of this area.

Blessings…and enjoy!

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