What Do You Know about Caesarea Maritima?

Caesarea by the Sea

In Israel, there are two Caesareas. But before we discuss where the two are located, can you take a guess from where the name “Caesarea” may have come? If you believe it may have been named for Augustus Caesar, you are correct!

Caesarea Philippi is located in the far north of Israel. In addition to Caesar, Caesarea Philippi was also named from one of Herod’s sons, Philip, who ruled the area after King Herod’s death. Rich with history, perhaps the most significant event was Peter’s confession of Jesus as Lord, as indicated in Mathew and Mark.

But Caesarea Maritima (aka Caesarea by the Sea) has its own claims to fame. First, King Herod built a very elaborate palace there. Secondly, evidence is seen that Potius Pilate was almost certainly stationed there. But more importantly, two key followers of Jesus, Paul and Peter, both did significant things in Caesarea, as did other lesser-known Bible characters.

When we go to Israel in November, we will see both Caesareas! Today, though, I want to invite you to study along with us as we prepare for our tour. The study guide for Caesarea by the Sea is now posted on our Study Guides page.

Dig in…and enjoy!

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