Made in Israel: 9th Gen Intel Processor

Intel 9th Gen Core mobile H
(Photo credit: Intel)

Intel’s recent $10B commitment to a new production facility in Kiryat Gat, Israel appears to be well-founded after launching it’s most powerful processor yet, designed by Israelis in Haifa. The 9th generation processor boasts 33% better performance, delighting gamers and graphics creators.

Intel employs over 12,000 workers in Israel, exports $3.9B in products from Israel, and procures $1.7B worth of Israeli materials and services. The new facility in Kiryat Gat is expected to add another 1,000 jobs. Indeed, the tech giant is a boon to Israel’s economy.

Once the investment plan is finalized, it is believed Intel’s collaboration with Israel will reach a total value of over $50B.

Old Testament prophets tell us Israel will be prosperous and will thrive in the last days. We are witnessing that in our lifetime, as Israel’s oil, technology, military, medical and agricultural industries are becoming world leaders. All this, from a nation the size of New Jersey!


We will be visiting that incredible place in November, and you are invited to join us! To find out more about the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, join us tomorrow (Sunday, April 28, 2019) at 2:00 pm for an informational meeting. We’ll meet in the 2nd floor meeting room at the Cholla Library. See you there!

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