Joel Rosenberg has Done it Again!

Ok, I admit…I’m a great fan of Joel Rosenberg’s fictitious novels that seem to actually predict tomorrow’s headlines. Though I have yet to read the latest novel, The Persian Gamble (which is on my “must read” list once I’m done teaching Understanding the Times), I did read the last novel, The Kremlin Conspiracy.

In it, Rosenberg writes about a clandestine meeting between the Russian president and the ruler of North Korea, in which the Korean ruler would arrive on a train, and the meeting would center on developing a strong working relationship between the two to combat the US and western influence in the Middle East.

Well, guess what! News outlets are now reporting on a summit in the Russian city of Vladivostok (also true to Rosenberg’s novel), where those fictitious events are now coming to life!

Joel Rosenberg posted a specific excerpt from The Kremlin Conspiracy (published last year) that predates today’s headlines! Check it out here:

In a Scene Ripped from the Pages of My Latest Novel, Leaders of Russia and North Korea Meet in Vladivostok to Forge Anti-American Alliance

While Rosenberg’s insights are uncanny, the reality is he is only imagining, then writing, what Scripture tells us will happen in the last days. The Bible is reliable, and we should examine the prophecies closely. Jesus is coming again, and our time on this earth is winding down!

Maranatha…Lord come quickly! (But until then…we have work to do, so be about the Father’s business!)

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