Running in the Footsteps of Jesus

40,000 run where Jesus, kings and prophets once walked!

May I make a “geeky” confession? The Jerusalem Marathon was run this past Friday morning. Though I enjoy an occasional 10K, I’m not so “geeky” as to enjoy watching marathons….except this one! I have to admit I was up very late Thursday night (Friday morning in Israel) to watch parts of the Jerusalem Marathon being live streamed by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why? Because the course took runners past very familiar sites (Knesset, Tower of David, into the Old City through Jaffa Gate, Mount Scopus to Hebrew University, through familiar areas of Talpiot and ending at Sacher Park), so I just had to get a live glimpse of the Holy City (particularly during an exciting international event)!

Interestingly, a group of Christians ran in this year’s event with a mission to “Run for Zion.” Designed to give Christians a unique Israeli experience, this was Run for Zion’s inaugural year. They hope to have 500 Christians running for Zion next year, so call me “geeky,” but running the 10K event during the Jerusalem Marathon has now hit my bucket list! Given our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR scheduled this November, I may or may not be able to run for Zion next March, but hopefully the opportunity will arise in the next few years!

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