Syrian Christians Plead for Prayer…Will You Pray?

When President Trump pledged to pull troops out of Syria, our brothers and sisters in Christ responded with a plea for prayer. I hope we respond to their plea with equal fervency. Here’s why:

Syriac-Assyrian Christians fought side-by-side with US troops in the battle against ISIS. During their rampage through Iraq and parts of Syria, the jihadist terrorist group massacred Christians in unbelievable numbers. Despite being targeted, those Christians stood their ground to protect their families, with the help of the US military.

Now, those same Christians warn against the dangers of allowing jihadist Turkish troops to invade the northern territory of Syria, where most Christians live. Recently, Turkish troops overran Afrin, causing thousands of Syriac-Assyrian Christians to flee for their lives. It is believed that 100,000 Christians are in extreme danger, should Turkey invade.

These Christians are now pleading for prayer from us. Please read the full detail and their open letter, then go to war on your knees on their behalf.

If not us, then who?

2 thoughts on “Syrian Christians Plead for Prayer…Will You Pray?

  1. I agree that troops are needed in Syria, but I also think that American soldiers have been there so long and are “battle weary.” It’s time for other countries to help out and send their own troops.

    1. Thanks for the comment, ACountryBoy! Opinions vary about the decision to pull out. Whether we agree or disagree with that decision, I hope we will all unite in prayer for our Syrian brothers and sisters. That’s the key thing. Blessings to you!

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