The Life of Jesus Poured Out Through Israelis to Israelis

Unless you live in Israel or are Jewish and travel there often, I’m not sure it is possible to fully grasp what it is like to live there.  Even having been to the Holy Land many times, my finite mind is unable to grasp the fullness of all it entails when you live in the land of Jesus!

Today, I am making my best attempt to share a view through the eyes of two non-native Israelis, planted by the Lord in the land of Israel for specific purposes.  The first is Peter Tsukahira, a self-proclaimed Japanese American Israeli Christian who, with his family, moved to Israel many years ago to bring a Messianic congregation to life, and to minister to immigrants who arrive from Africa and elsewhere.  His story is amazing.

The second is Hermana Vilijeon, a native South African I met at Magdala on one of my visits there.  Trained as an archaeologist and part of the team excavating Magdala, Hermana also ministers powerfully to women of all nationalities, helping them know the love and care of our Heavenly Father.  She is one of the most compassionate, Godly women I have ever met.  (Also included is a brief look at Magdala and a 1st century synagogue where Jesus undoubtedly taught.)

You will meet these two in the video below, Episode 7 of the 9-part docu-drama, Christ Revealed.  As Peter states, “Jesus is being worshiped in His own land by His own people in His own language!  That hasn’t happened since the book of Acts!”  But it is happening at Peter’s church and through the ministry of Hermana!

Peter Tsukahira’s interview is the first 40-minutes of the video below, and Herman’s interview commences at the 1:20:00 mark.  (An interview with philosopher, Mark Koukl, airs in between.  It is deep and philosophical, so if that’s your thing, enjoy.)  Why not carve out some time this long weekend to be blessed, then pray for the ministries of these humble servants of the Lord!

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