A Taste of Jerusalem: Light Rail

At times I think of the unique things I’ve seen and done in Israel, particularly in Jerusalem, the melting pot of cultures and religions.  Each part of the country has unique features, but Jerusalem is a very special place.

One of the things I enjoy most about Jerusalem is the ability to get virtually anywhere either on foot, by light rail, or on the bus.  I’ve met fascinating people, seen sights not seen on most tours, and found some great little neighborhood cafes.

The light rail runs through Jerusalem, along the line that used to divide the city prior to the 1967 War that united Jerusalem after centuries of non-Jewish control and/or division.  Thus, one might step off the light rail into Arab neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods, or even at Damascus Gate to the Old City.  In fact, a casual ride the length of the light rail provides a good taste of the city, and will even drop you off right at Central Station if you plan to travel to other parts of Israel.

It is clean, it is efficient, it is fun, it is relatively inexpensive, and you might just meet a few friendly Israelis!  I have, and it is a great cultural experience!  Try it out next time you’re in Jerusalem!

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