Understanding the Times Conference Videos Now Available

Hi friends!  Based on the huge barrage of traffic on this blog yesterday (searching for conference info), there appears to be tremendous interest in the Understanding the Times Conference, hosted by Olive Tree Ministries in Minnesota.  (Thanks for stopping by!)

What a fantastic conference it was!  Pastor Jack Hibbs opened with a brilliant message for the church in the last days, then Amir Tsarfati taught “Peace and War x4” (not to be missed!)  After lunch, Billy Crone shared about the emergence of artificial intelligence and its bearing on the days in which we live, before Eric Barger talked about “Home Invasion,” the creeping “security society” we live in today.  Finally, our Arab brother in Christ, Pastor JD Farag, closed out the conference with a powerful message entitled “Jerusalem: God’s Prophetic Clock.”

Like many of you, I had other obligations part of the day, so had to rely on the recorded versions, and I managed to find them on You Tube.  To save you the hassle of searching for them, I have posted both segments below.  Be aware: they are unedited, so contain long stretches between speakers, etc, and also contain some pre-recorded interviews.  They are long, but perhaps you will do as I did and click forward to the speakers you wish to hear.

Blessings, my friends…and enjoy!

Part 1 (includes Pastor Jack Hibbs at about the 1:30 mark):


Part 2 (includes Amir Tsarfati at about the 1:17 mark and JD Farag at the 6:18 mark):

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