How are Muslim Communities Treated in Israel?

Israel is often accused of being an apartheid state, desiring to drive out minorities.  However, that could not be further from the truth.  Israel is the only country in the Middle East that actually extends the same personal and religious rights to other people groups as those extended to its Jewish citizens.

Indeed, Israel’s population is made up of Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, Palestinians and many other people groups in addition to Jews.  All have equal rights, and those rights are strongly protected.  In fact, Israel’s Ministry of Interior (and others) actually go a step beyond.  Not only do they protect the rights of all people, they even assist in maintaining the customs and traditions of all people, providing assurance that they are welcome in Israel.

Here is an interesting example of how a Circassian Muslim community is treated in Israel:


Interestingly, that Muslim imam is speaking Hebrew, not Arabic!

Historic note: Circassian Muslims were displaced in the Russian conquest of the Caucasus in the 19th century.  Though most were exiled to the Ottoman Empire (mainly modern-day Turkey), a few made their way to what is now Israel.  It is estimated that 4,000-5,000 remain in Israel today.

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