Christ Revealed Available for Free This Weekend

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Several weeks ago I watched a 9-part documentary entitled Christ Revealed, which focuses on the evidence for Christ, and was filmed primarily in Israel.  The docu-series is predominately interviews, but contains a few inside looks at key sights.

This weekend, Christ Revealed will be aired for free online.  Taking in all 9 parts of the series may be a stretch, but I highly recommend these portions:

  • Episode 5: Arie Bar David – in perhaps my favorite segment, Bar David shares his personal story of fighting in 5 Israeli wars and watching the hand of Yeshua protect him in miraculous ways.  A Messianic Jew, he later established a Christian kibbutz in Israel.  His story will strengthen your faith and challenge you to trust the Lord to depths never imagined.
  • Episode 7: Peter Tsukahira – having lived in Israel for over 25 years, Peter established the Mount Carmel School of Ministry, training ministers to share the Messiah.  His personal story will also bless you greatly.
  • Episode 9: Eitan Shishkoff – a product of the hippie culture, Eitan met the Messiah in the 1970’s and moved his family to Israel in 1992.  What the Lord has done in this man’s life is astounding.
  • Episode 3: Amir Tsarfati – anytime you have a chance to hear Amir share his unshakable faith you will be blessed.  Filmed in the Galilee, Amir challenges the viewer to put relationship over ritual and trust completely in God and His Word.

There are many others, including Mike Huckabee, Tisha Michelle, J Warner Wallace, Claire Pfann (another favorite segment of mine), and acclaimed Israeli archaeologists Mordechai Aviam and Gabriel Barkay.

These are high-quality interviews filled with encouragement and challenge for us to put total faith in Christ.

The videos will be available for free only this weekend, so take advantage of what you can.

Christ Revealed


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