“Hineni: Here I am. Send me!”

How do you respond when God calls?

We are given several examples in Scripture where God called and the response was “Hineni!”  For example, at the burning bush, Moses replied, “Hineni!” to God when He called.  Abraham responded, “Hineni!” just before God asked him to sacrifice his only son.  Of course, Samuel’s cry of “Hineni!” is probably the best-known example in Scripture.

But have you ever thought about God saying, “Hineni!” when we call?  Our Father is devoted to us, and demonstrated it by sending His Son to die for us.  Because of that, He listens for our cries for help and responds with “Hineni!”

Hineni is the Hebrew word for “Here am I!”  I just read an excellent article from One for Israel, explaining the meaning of the word, then challenging us to heed God’s call.  I hope you will take time today to read Hineni: Here I am. Send me!

Be blessed, my friends!


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