Remembering Israel’s Miraculous Victory in the Six-Day War

This morning we considered how Israel miraculously saved the world in 1981 by taking out the nuclear facilities of a madman.  Now, let’s go back in time to 1967, when Israel’s very existence was in jeopardy.

The day was June 5 and several Arab neighbors had their sites set on destroying Israel.  The Jewish state faced the choice of doing nothing and getting attacked from every side, or launching a preemptive strike that seemed to be their only possibility of survival.  They chose survival, and attacked Egypt.  The rest is (as they say) history!

Check out how the tide turned, resulting in the infamous recapture of Jerusalem!  The Holy City was back in Israeli hands…never to be taken away.  As you enjoy the story, give praise to God for His faithfulness to His people!


PS: We’ll return to our study, Why Israel Matters, tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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