BREAKING: Iran Fires Rockets, Israel is Responding Very Powerfully

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Shortly after midnight (Wednesday into Thursday) in Israel, about 20 Iranian rockets were fired toward Israel.  Most of those rockets were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome.

Two hours later, Israel launched an unprecedented attack, by far the largest in recent years upon Iranian and Syrian positions in Syria.  Currently, as morning breaks in Israel, the Israeli Air Force continues targeting every known Iranian military position.  Air bases, weapon caches, radar systems, and air defense systems have been hit and many are believed to be totally destroyed.  Iranian military casualties are believed to be in at least the dozens, if not hundreds.

This comes on the heels of the meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where discussions were held regarding military coordination in Syria.  Neither Israel nor Russia wishes to inadvertently fire upon the other.

Meanwhile, life goes on a usual in Israel.  All is calm.  School children are preparing to go to school today and business it happening as normal.  Israel is safe and secure, despite the action in Syria.

Military action continues and more news will undoubtedly come out.  Remember, Christian friends, there is no need to fear.  Our God is in control!  Please pray for wisdom for world leaders, and pray for the continued peace of Jerusalem.  Be faithful prayer warriors!

UPDATE: According to an IDF spokesman, of the 20 or so Iranian rockets launched toward Israel, all but 4 landed on Syrian soil.  The other 4 were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome.  It is believed that the targets were Israeli intelligence facilities.

Israel’s strike on Iranian positions inside Syria included over 50 targets and all were destroyed.

Total victory by the Israeli military…and Israel continues to dwell in safety and security!

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