Where in the World is the Church Growing the Fastest?

Iran Church

The answer might surprise you!  How about Iran?

According to ChurchLeaders,  the church in Iran is the fastest growing in the world.  Despite all missionaries being kicked out, evangelism outlawed, Bibles banned and pastors murdered, Iranians have become the most open Muslim people to the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Unbelievable!

Read the entire article: The Iran Church is the Fastest Growing in the World. (The article contains powerful testimonies.)

Let’s join the author in keeping the Iranian people in our prayers:

  • Many more Iranians to give their lives to Christ.
  • Endurance and joy for Iranian Christians suffering in prison for their ministry—many have testified to sensing the prayers of the global church while imprisoned.
  • More trained leaders to serve as evangelists, church planters and pastors to disciple the many new Iranian believers.

Persecution threatened to wipe out Iran’s tiny church. Instead, by God’s mighty hand, his church is growing rapidly. Praise Him!

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