Presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey Met Earlier Today

Image result for Leaders of Turkey, Russia, Iran meet
Iranian President Rouhani, Turkish President Erdogan, Russian President Putin meet in Ankara  (Photo credit: Reuters)

Ripped from the prophecy of Ezekiel 38, the three key players in the end time War of Gog and Magog met earlier today in Ankara Turkey to discuss the situation in Syria.  (Reuters released the story and you can find it here.)

Here is what I find interesting about the scenario:  while Russia and Iran are allies in Syria, Turkey actually opposes the Assad regime and is more concerned with driving out the Kurds.  However, when it comes to the end game (destruction of Israel), they will “partner up” under the guise of “discussing the situation in Syria,” plotting to use the situation in Syria to further their own separate agendas there.

Russia wants power and resources (oil and gas, recently found off Israel’s coast), Iran wants religious (Shi’ite) domination as they attempt to establish a worldwide caliphate, Turkey wants Sunni domination and is threatened by the Kurds (and Saudi Arabia, by the way).

However, Ezekiel tells us clearly that God Himself will put a hook in the jaw of Gog, the coalition leader, and draw him (a Russian czar) and the allied invaders (Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya) down from the north into battle on the mountains of Israel (northern Israel, near the Golan Heights).  (Ezekiel 38:4)

So, where are Sudan and Libya, you ask?  Good question!  They are silently serving as terrorist training grounds and are closely linked to the coalition partners, particularly Iran.

Today’s news continues to confirm what the prophets of old said would happen in the last days.  In this case, read Ezekiel 38 in light of today’s event and you will come face-to-face with the reality that the stage is being set for that northern invasion.

Jesus said:

But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.
~Luke 21:28

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