A Review of Joel Rosenberg’s “The Kremlin Conspiracy”

The Kremlin Conspiracy by [Rosenberg, Joel C.]Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg’s latest novel, The Kremlin Conspiracy, was released in early-March and I spent time this past weekend reading it.  Rosenberg is one of my favorite authors because he writes from a Christian perspective and does not include foul language or sensual plot lines.  He is very “plugged in” with big names in US intelligence, security and governmental circles, and has the clout to get appointments with other world leaders and experts in intelligence and security.  His research into subject matter, placed into context of Bible prophecy, often has the uncanny result of become tomorrow’s headlines.

This is Rosenberg’s third trilogy and the lead novels of his trilogies are becoming predictable.  Lives of protagonist and antagonist are developed and, in this case, parallel to some degree.  Likewise, the reader can expect abrupt endings to first novels of a Rosenberg trilogy!

This one follows that pattern, but it seems to be important in getting a good handle on the characters and where they fit in the plot.  Marcus Ryker, an ex-Marine and Secret Service agent, is the main character who encounters tremendous tragedy before accepting a dangerous assignment which becomes very complicated.

Meanwhile, character development of a young Russian who finds himself in the service of the president culminates in a quandary of how to deal with a madman and keep himself alive.  After a great deal of character development, the real action begins to take place about 2/3 of the way through the book.

As characters are developed, it become obvious the fictitious ones represent real, modern-day characters.  (Attributed to Rosenberg’s acquaintance with critical figures in real life, as well as his research.)  As a reader, it becomes easy to believe you are reading an insider’s account of what is really taking place behind closed doors at the White House and the Kremlin.

In the end, a plan is concocted to thwart an evil Russian plan, but unanticipated challenges arise at every turn, often putting the characters in seemingly impossible situations.  Just as the major plot is unfolding, the reader turns the final page!  A perfect setup for the next novel in the trilogy, set to be released in about a year.

I’ve read everything Rosenberg has published, including his first two trilogies.  While first books are a bit slower in action than the final two of his trilogies, I expect Rosenberg to dial up the action immediately in book 2.  So, while I would not call The Kremlin Conspiracy one of his best books, it has hit the best-seller lists, and it is very necessary to lay the foundation for what I anticipate to be very action-packed, best-selling books to follow!  For that reason, I recommend this book to anyone interested in what Russia is up to these days.  This book is fiction, but could become tomorrow’s headlines if Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his quest for world domination!

Enjoy the book!  The Kremlin Conspiracy

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