“Israel is the best thing to ever happen to us Arabs”

Well, you don’t hear that very often, do you!  However, it is important to understand that there are Arabs who understand that Israel is not the enemy, and that perhaps the Jewish state might make a really good neighbor.

This Lebanese Arab Christian states:

I am not alone among Arabs in seeing the amazing potential that Israel represents to Arabs as a neighbor and a partner. I am however one of the few who speak out publicly. …Arab leaders could quickly find a favorable solution for the Palestinians if they so wished, but they choose instead to continue the hatred. I cannot accept that, and I refuse to be silent about it. I know that one dissenting Arab voice means little, but if a few thousand or even a few hundred Arabs similarly spoke up, Arab leaders would have much more difficulty hiding the truth from their peoples.

Read his entire op-ed, Growing up north of Israel: How I became an ardent Zionist

Certainly, I share these articles for your enjoyment.  However, the larger purpose is to exhort us all to pray.  The Bible says, Blessed are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9).  This man is a peacemaker.  Let’s pray the Lord will give him (and others like him) great favor as they speak out encouraging their own people to be peacemakers as well.

“Father in Heaven, thank You that all are created in Your image, and that, ultimately, You call all of us Your own.  As You reveal Yourself to Jews, Christians and Arabs, please help us all to see You as the One True God who sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for the sins of every human.  We each need Your salvation equally.  Bless this Arab Christian and others like him as they discover the value of peacemaking with Israel.  May they speak clearly and with favor as they encourage other Arabs to discover the value as well.  In the midst, may they also come to faith in the God of Israel!”

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