More Cool Discoveries in the City of David

Viewing Area at Excavation Site in the City of David

Okay, many of us are familiar with the First Temple period (Solomon’s Temple) and the Second Temple period (Herod’s expansion of  the Temple).  But, what about BEFORE Solomon’s Temple?

We know the Temple was the center of worship for the Jewish people, and that prior to the construction of the first Temple, a portable tabernacle served as the early substitute.  But there is more to understand about how the Hebrew people worshipped God in the early days.

Remember a man called Melchizedek?  Often, this mysterious figure is unknown or misunderstood, yet Hebrews 5-6 describes a High Priest (Jesus) being designated “according to the order of Melchizedek.”  Hmmm…Jesus is like this early king of Salem.

Well, as you know (if you follow this blog), incredible discoveries are made consistently in the ongoing excavations of the City of David.  A few years ago a discovery was made that gives us insight into this early king named Melchizedek, and how he worshipped the Lord.

Read the fascinating details at Chasing Melchizedek.  (2-3 minute read)  Enjoy!

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