The World Seems to Betray the Kurds Once Again

The Middle East is a very tough neighborhood.  Arabs hold disdain for Israel.  Muslims war with Jews.  Iran vows to wipe Israel off the map. Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims regard one another as infidels. Iran and Saudi Arabia are mortal enemies.  Violence reigns in places such as Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.  Christians, Muslims and Yazidis are slaughtered by the hundreds.

In the midst of all the chaos, it was the Kurds who had perhaps the most important role in shutting down ISIS.  Yet, now that they are no longer needed in that difficult work, the world seems to betray them as Turkish forces invade their territory.  You can read that story here.

But who are the Kurds?  They are not Arab or Persian or Turkish.  They are a people group struggling for acknowledgement and a homeland.  Sound familiar?  Their plight is similar to that of pre-1948 Israel when it comes to lack of recognition and a homeland.  Currently, they inhabit the northern parts of Syria and Iraq, and are thought to be the Biblical Medes (who conquered Babylon).

Find out more about these incredible people:

The Kurds have been allies of Israel.  Let’s pray jointly for Israel and the Kurds, that the relationship will grow, and that world leaders will appropriately take up the cause of the Kurdish people.

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