Antisemitism…in the Name of Jesus?

Throughout history, Christians have persecuted Jews in the name of Jesus.  For example, around 1095 AD, Crusaders were sent by Pope Urban II to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. On their zealous march toward Jerusalem, however, the tide turned in Germany when the perceptions of Jews became negative and Jews were offered the option of conversion to Christianity or death.  Thousands of Jews perished.

In the mid-1200’s, Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition to combat heresy of a French religious sect.  However, just as the case in the Crusades, the Jews were wrongly associated in the conflict and became victims of the burning of holy books and mass burning at the stake.

We all know what the Jews endured during the Holocaust, when over 6 million Jews were murdered.  This, too, was in the name of Christianity, as Nazism was legitimized by various Christian churches, and recognized by the Vatican.

These were horrible atrocities carried out against the Jewish people.  To be sure, there has been (and will be) retribution toward those who wish to destroy God’s chosen people.

However, principles of God’s Word clearly teach us that He will use even Israel’s enemies to bring about discipline to His people when they fail to live righteously.  It is in that discipline that the Lord draws His people to Himself.  (See Principles with Implications)

It is vitally important that we understand God’s principles regarding Israel and our relationship to them.  Yes, God will draw His chosen ones to Himself…but His plan of redemption extends to all!

This same message is being proclaimed by Jews, to Jews…in Israel!  Check out this One for Israel video:

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