Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 28 Minutes

Image result for Jerusalem to Tel Aviv train

In late March, the Israel Transportation Ministry is set to unveil the $2 billion high-speed train connecting Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Typically a 70-minute journey, the train (with a stop at Ben Gurion airport) will zip passengers back-and-forth between Israel’s two largest cities in a blazing 28 minutes.

Travel by train around Israel is nothing new, but this new bullet train is expected to transport 4 million people the first year.  If you have ever flown into Ben Gurion, apart from a tour with busses waiting for you at the terminal, you welcome this option!  Currently, the most popular option is the sherut, a 15-passenger ride share that does not leave until every seat is filled.  Then, when you reach Jerusalem, you pray you are not the last of the 15 passengers to get dropped off at your destination!  The new train will arrive very near the Central Bus Station and the Jerusalem Light Rail station, making getting to a final destination pretty easy.

Expect the first train to leave the station on March 30…Passover.

Looking forward to my next opportunity to visit Israel…and a ride on the new train!

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