Dr Danny Faulkner’s Reflections on September 23, 2017

Well friends, September 23, 2017 came and went a month ago, and though many had “calculated” Christ’s return to occur on that day (based on incorrect theology of Revelation 12:1-2), we are still here and false prophets are proven false once again.

Prior to September 23, I shared a piece written by Christian PhD astronomer, Danny Faulkner pointing out the inaccuracies of that false prediction.  Today, he has written a new article entitled Reflections on September 23, 2017.  It is a long article, but is summarized beautifully in his conclusion at the very end of the article.

Friends, we must remain diligent in looking to God’s Word, not man’s crazy ideas, about prophetic end time events.  God will tell us what we need to know, so there is no need to put hope and faith in twisted and convoluted theories that are not based on Scripture.  To be ready for His return, we must discern truth…and it is only found in His Word!  Dig into that!


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