Tomorrow is September 23, 2017…What will Really Happen?

There is lots of “news” (fake news!) circulating regarding the alignment of stars and planets tomorrow, and that this astrological event has some sort of prophetic significance.  So what should we expect tomorrow?

Let’s turn to PhD Astronomer, Danny Faulkner, who happens to not only be an expert on such matters, but is also a strong Christian able to put these events into Biblical context.  Please take a few minutes to read Are the Stars Lining up on September 23 for the Lord’s Return?

By the way, we are studying the Biblical signs of the end of the age on Sunday mornings at Calvary Community Church.  If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us!  We’re in the Prayer Room at the Northwest Campus at 9:00 am, and in Room 403 at Central Campus at 11:00 am.  Directions and more information here.  See you there!

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