Netanyahu’s Host Bible Study in Their Home

Netanyahu’s host Bible study in their home, October 3, 2017  (Photo Credit: Flash90)

In a tradition started by David Ben Gurion (Israel’s first Prime Minister),  Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu host Bible studies in their home.  The latest gathering occurred last week and was attended by Bat-Galim Shaer, the mother of a young Israeli abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists in 2014.

The Bible study has great significance for the Netanyahu’s, and is held to honor Ben Artzi, Sara Netanyahu’s father who was a Bible scholar.  Furthermore, three of Sara Netanyahu’s siblings won national and international Bible quizzes, as did the Netanyahu’s son, Avner (in 2010).  In 2014, the Prime Minister even took a break from his responsibilities to compete in the International Bible Quiz in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister has often quoted Scripture publically, and spent considerable time studying God’s Word with his son, Avner.

“There is no Jewish existence without the Bible; it doesn’t exist,” the prime minister said. “In my opinion, there is also no Jewish future without the Bible.”

Praise God for leaders who look to the Lord for guidance and wisdom.  Pray for the Netanyahu’s.  May they diligently seek God in every decision, and may the God of Israel bless that leadership!


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