Middle East Report from Amir Tsarfati

Hi friends!  A few days ago Amir Tsarfati appeared on a British TV program called The Middle East Report with Simon Barrett.  For a full-orbed report on world events, a thought-provoking assessment of the pre-tribulation rapture position, and encouragement in our role as watchmen on the wall, I highly recommend this video.  It is almost an hour long, but well worth it, so grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and settle in for very informative interview.  Enjoy!


PS:  In our study, What in the World is Going On, we will examine the rise of the antichrist and One World Government tomorrow.  This class is offered at both campuses of Calvary Community Church and all are welcome.  (Prayer Room at Northwest campus at 9:00, and Room 403 at Central campus at 11:00)  Directions and more info here.

One thought on “Middle East Report from Amir Tsarfati

  1. Phyllis Johnson says:

    Amen & Amen ! Thank you for sharing The blessed hope. The Father’s Will be done…Watchman from TN, U.S.A. Shalom.

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