Exciting Discoveries at the City of David

If you saw my post on Facebook a few days ago, you know that I made a stop at the City of David while in Jerusalem.  (For those of you who missed it, you can find it here.) It was shabbat (and, thus, not open), so I don’t have “fresh, new” photos to post.  However, fabulous news is coming out of the City of David, where they are unearthing tremendous things confirming the Word of God!

Please take a look at these two previous posts from earlier this summer:

Part of my purpose in sharing the sites of Israel this week is to emphasize the fact that the Bible is 100% accurate and trustworthy, and that many of the things we see today are fulfillment of prophecies made long ago!

As we look at these things, I am convinced we are seeing the Lord reveal Himself more and more as the day of His return draws near!  He wants His people to know Him!  Both Jews and Gentiles are welcome at His table, and it is only a matter of time before He summons us to join Him there!

Stay tuned, because I will share with you from the Southern steps of Temple Mount, the Western Wall, and the Garden Tomb over the next few days.

Also, I will be teaching a new study, What in the World is Going On?, beginning this Sunday at Calvary Community Church.  9:00am in the Prayer Room at NW, and 11:00am in Room 403 at Central.  For more information and directions to our campuses, click here.  See you there!


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