Joel Rosenberg to Lead Epicenter Conference in SoCal

I don’t get too excited about most “prophecy experts” online. In fact, my warning is to be very, very careful about who you “follow.”  Many have theories and philosophies about current events and end times that are simply not founded in Scripture.  I prefer to study Scripture for myself, then gather thoughts from those with unique experience in Israel, and who look to God’s Word first and foremost for their teaching.  Even in those cases, if I can’t find it in Scripture, I discard what they say.

By the way, I hope that is the strategy you take in following this blog!  While my desire is always to provide Biblically accurate information and teaching, our plumbline should always be God’s Word.

With that disclaimer, there are a handful of ministries I recommend for their well-founded teaching from Scripture.  One such teacher/writer is Joel Rosenberg, president and founder of The Joshua Fund.  I’m happy to report that he will be joined by pastors and ministry leaders from Israel at the Epicenter Conference in Costa Mesa CA, October 6-7.

If you live in southern California, or can get there for this conference, I highly recommend it.  Each Epicenter Conference Rosenberg has done has been filled with informative, Biblically accurate teaching.  Click the link above for more information, and plan to be there if you can!  You will be blessed!

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