What are Messianic Services Like in Israel?

Hi friends…and Happy Lord’s Day!

Sometimes people ask me what it is like to attend Messianic services both here in the US and in Israel.  I can tell you that Messianic services vary as widely in Israel as in the US, and that no two congregations function the same.  There are varying degrees of Judaic culture and tradition, so some services feel very Jewish, while others do not.

However, I invite you to explore an Israeli experience for yourself.  While I have not had the privilege of visiting every Messianic congregation in Israel, I have visited a few.  The only one I know of that streams services (or has an archive of services) is King of Kings Community Jerusalem.  I believe they are the largest Messianic congregation in Israel.  I have met some of their staff and members, I am fairly familiar with them and I recommend them if you are interested in experiencing Christian teaching and worship from Israel.

You will find information about King of Kings Community here, including links to their media page where you can watch streaming or archived services.  I also just found out they have “Heritage Services” a couple times a month.  That is a new feature, and those seem to be services designed to take people deeper into understanding of Jewish roots.  Why not give it a try!  Enjoy!

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