Tourism Exploding in Israel!

Israel is used to explosions…primarily from rockets fired by terrorists into their land.  However, Israel is experiencing an explosion of a different type: tourism!  Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 349,000 tourists visited Israel in April 2017.
  • That is a whopping 38% increase over April 2016.
  • According to the Ministry of Tourism, April’s 349,000 tourists is the most of any month in Israel’s 69-year history.
  • Tourism has seen an overall increase of 28% between January and April (compared to last year).
  • Tourism is a huge industry in Israel, contributing to a 62% growth in Israel’s economy since 2000.
  • Israel’s is the third most stable economy in the world, according to a recent Bloomberg report.
  • Israel’s GDP is $36,000 per capita, ranking them 24th among 187 nations.

As you can see, Israel is doing just fine…thank you very much!  If you have never been to Israel, or have not been in several years, why not consider a trip there.  Lower airfares and hotel costs make it an affordable foreign destination…and one that will change your life forever!

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