Arab Israeli: “Israel holds hope for the entire Middle East”

Roughly 1.5 – 2 million (depending upon various statistics) Arabs live in Israel.  Collectively, they are primarily known as Palestinians, as few will identify themselves as Israeli.

Israel grants the same freedoms and privileges to Arabs as it does Jews.  Arabs are represented in the Knesset (parliament), hold important government and civil positions (such as judges), and are free to practice whatever religion they choose.

Despite that, hatred generally characterizes the attitude toward Jews.

I ran across a very interesting article about a Muslim Arab who is also pro-Israel, then I searched for a video that is referenced in that story.  I found it!  His story is fascinating and well worth watching and/or reading about.  Please take some time today to either watch the video below or read How did a Muslim Arab turn into a pro-Israel activist

This young man is “cleaning up the hate.”  Let’s pray for Yahya Mahamed and others like him!  May they come to know peace…through the Prince of Peace!

Hey gang, if you missed the announcement a couple days ago, here it is again:  A very special conference, called “God’s Heart for Israel” will be hosted by Calvary Community Church in Phoenix AZ on May 5-7.  I would love to see you there! Find out more information here.

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