Syrian Defector: “I just could not gas my people”

News is still abuzz about the chemical weapons deployed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own citizens.  Following that attack during the first week of April, the United States responded with airstrikes on the Syrian base where those weapons had been stored and deployed.

Since that time, Assad ally, Russia, denied a chemical attack, contended that the Syrian government has no chemical weapons, and most recently, claimed the chemical attack was staged.

However, just last week, former Syrian Brig. Gen. Zaher al-Sakat provided a much different story.  Formerly the Assad regime’s chemical weapons chief in charge of such operations, al-Sakat adamantly stated that there is no way his former boss, Syrian President Bashar Assad, would ever “completely give up” his arsenal.  Furthermore, while working for Assad, he states he was ordered to use chemical weapons on multiple occasions.

Ultimately, he defected.

According to

“I just could not gas my people,” he said, adding that he replaced canisters with water and a benign bleach. That ruse worked at first, but internal suspicions grew. “They arrested my son, a lieutenant, without reason to force me to submit. I feared for my life.”

While Passover and Resurrection Day are times to celebrate God’s grace and goodness, we are also reminded by news of our time that, from our human perspective, our world is spinning out of control.

But friends, our Risen Savior has never lost control!  He reigns overall, despite the fact Satan and his minions have free reign in our world today.  These are all just signs of the times…the last days.

If you are new to this blog, we are in the midst of studying about the return of Jesus as King of Kings!  As part of that study, we’ll take a look at God’s irrevocable call, and His faithfulness to the Jewish people and to us!  So pull up a chair to our study table and join us!  See you tomorrow!

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