The Illegal Trials of Jesus

Yesterday, some commemorated Maundy Thursday, in remembrance of Jesus’s last supper with his disciples prior to His crucifixion.  They met in that upper room in order for Jesus to give His final command: love one another.  He demonstrated that in several different ways that night, not the least of which was washing the disciples’ feet…including Judas, who would betray Him before the night was over.

Following the Last Supper, however, were some of the most horrific days in history, culminating in the death of Jesus.  Prior to His death, though, Jesus was illegally put on trial, and illegally sent to the cross.  Illegal…yes, a surprise to God…no.  In fact, Jesus came to earth for the very purpose of bringing redemption to the entire world, and He did that by laying down His own life as a sacrifice for our sin.

Be sure to read Jesus on Trial.  (You will also find pictures there of today’s “upper room,” the dungeon where Jesus was illegally imprisoned, the steps He surely would have taken as He was led to Antonio Fortress (the Praetorium) to be beaten, and the place of Peter’s denial.

Then, take the time to read Before the Rooster Crows (by Susan Michael, ICEJ-USA), a devotional focusing on Jesus’s suffering on our behalf.  We call this “Good Friday,” yet for Jesus, there was nothing good about it.  All the “good” was for our benefit!  His death saved us from the punishment of sin.

My friends, crucifixion day was indeed the darkest day of history.  Necessary…but dark.  However, Resurrection Sunday is coming!

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