An Israeli Perspective of White House Corruption during the Obama Administration

We’re hearing of allegations that the Obama administration engaged in illegal spying on potential Trump advisers and political appointees during the 2016 presidential campaign.  President Trump himself has alleged wiretapping, and recently Obama National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, has been accused of further espionage targeting Trump, and particularly his ability to formulate foreign policy.

Obviously, there is much we do not know, but Jerusalem Post columnist, Caroline Glick, has published an editorial that causes one to wonder “what if these things are true?”

Read it here:  Column One: Israel and Obama’s Political War

There is no doubt we are living in the last days, when the Bible indicates all nations will turn against Israel.  (Joel 3 and elsewhere)  We must pray for our nation, for our leaders, and for the church to stand WITH Israel, not against her.  The time is coming when the US will crumble to worldly ideals, but let it not be on our watch.  Let us be faithful watchmen who warn others of the advance of the enemy, and let us be trumpeters who sound a clear message of the grace and glory of salvation!

Lift up your head toward heaven, dear friends, for our redemption draws near!  (Luke 21:28)

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