Impact the Future: Send a Young Adult on an Israel Impact Tour

As the world hammers our young people with anti-semitic propaganda,  it is vitally important that we educate the next generation of leaders to understand the importance of standing with Israel.

I will bless those who bless you [Abraham and descendents), and him who dishonors you I will curse.
~Genesis 12:3

What better way to educate young adults than for them to visit the land of Israel and learn of the Biblical significance of God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land?

If you have a son, a daughter, a grandchild, or you know a young adult who would glean valuable education and insight by visiting Israel, why not send them!?!  The International Christian Embassy – US Branch offers incredible opportunities for young people to gather and explore Israel, while being firmly grounded in Biblical teaching.

Israel Impact Tours are designed to bring an adventure of a lifetime to young adults 18-30. The 10- or 13-day tours are chaperoned, and led by energetic leaders who bring the Bible to life through teaching, service projects,  and experiencing the culture.

Why not check out these tour opportunities, then plan to send a young person.  It is a seminary experience crammed into a few days, and your young person will never be the same!

More about Israel Impact Tours.
More about Arise Summer Tours.

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