6 New UN Resolutions against Israel…Nonsense!

Hi gang!  You may have heard about the new resolutions recently passed in the UN, including a resolution that Israel must turn over the Golan Heights to Syria.  But don’t despair or be alarmed.   There is nothing new under the sun…particularly not in the UN!

Let’s consider the foolishness of just that one resolution itself.  IF Israel was going to hand over the Golan Heights (which they never will!), with whom would they discuss and to whom would they hand it?  The rebels who have a presence there?  The Syrian government that is in shambles and scrambling for their existence elsewhere?  Hezbollah, who has taken up positions there?  What about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, ISIS, or any number of other rogue terrorists groups who have posted themselves in the Syrian Golan area?  With whom would Israel transact?

These resolutions are a “solidarity” effort to back Palestinians, and a total farce.  I won’t go into the details here because Amir Tsarfati has already done so and speaks from a much higher level of authority on the issue than I can.  If you are interested in the details, though, he does a great job explaining the situation in this 30-minute video.  Enjoy!

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