Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good, and Good Evil

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Friends, I am more and more dismayed every day as this election season reaches a climax.  The Bible teaches us that days will grow darker morally and spiritually during the last days, and we’re seeing it!

Put aside the “who to vote for” question for a moment, but think with me about what drives our decisions at the polls.  If we do not make every decision in our lives based on God’s Word, we miss the mark.

The cause of my dismay is the number of people professing to be Christians, yet compromising God’s truth for the sake of an election.  Recently I have seen or heard even pastors, missionaries and respected Bible teachers justifying sin and/or rationalizing sinful behavior in order to sway opinions about the candidates.

I’m reminded of a clear warning in Scripture about justifying and rationalizing that which is evil.  In the midst of a chapter of woes the Lord pronounces a sobering warning in Isaiah 5:20:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.

It is clear that neither American presidential candidate is a moral stalwart.  In fact, we have the most corrupt and deeply flawed candidates in the history of US elections.  It is disgraceful and leaves us (particularly as Christians) with no good choice.  Yet, our responsibility as upstanding American citizens is to vote.  How do we handle that as Christians wanting to do the right thing?

I do not believe the answer is “don’t vote.”  Rather, I believe we must look beyond the poor choice of candidates and determine which party platform provides the best opportunity for Christian values to be upheld.  I don’t support either candidate personally, but there is a clear choice when it comes to the degree of conservatism in party platforms.

While I see no Biblical issue in Christian leaders exhorting voters to consider Biblical values, what I do find extremely disturbing is the rising number of Christians attempting to justify things such as a candidate’s illegal activity or their immoral character.  Neither is okay…regardless for whom we think Christians should vote.  If I am “for” Hillary Clinton, it is NOT okay to find ways to explain away her sinful position on abortion, gay marriage and other unrighteousness.  God’s Word tells us those things are wrong!  Likewise, if I am “for” Donald Trump, it is NOT okay to say that his degradation of women is “not all that bad,” or that “not all of it is true.” (So, it’s okay if part of it is!?!)  While it may not all be 100% true, enough has come directly from his mouth to know that he has not been righteous in his actions.  Both candidates have literally implicated themselves by their very own words and their known actions.  No amount of justification will make either candidate suitable as a “righteous” person to lead our country.

But my friends, there is a difference between pointing out characteristics of candidates that support/oppose our Christian values, and justifying a candidate’s words, actions and behaviors.  To say, “I oppose/support this candidate because…” is different than justifying or making excuses for unrighteousness exhibited by the candidates.

Let’s not call evil good, and good evil.  Rather, let’s stand firmly on the Word of God.

Now, back to the “who to vote for” question.  I want to address the elephant in the room.  While NEITHER candidate is a righteous choice, there is one party platform that is much more deeply rooted in evil and unrighteousness than the other.  See a summary of the party platforms here.  Thus, we have to look beyond the unrighteous candidates to the party platform that gives us the best chance of fighting for our Christian values.

Some will call my next statement bold and blunt: I don’t believe a Christian who is committed to God’s Word can possibly vote for a party whose platform flagrantly upholds evil such as:

  • Abortion
  • Gay marriage (and a host of other immoral issues)
  • Elimination of religious freedom

Consider this:

  • When the Supreme Court was slightly more conservative, our religious liberties were preserved by ONE SINGLE vote.  (Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision)  Now the Supreme Court is roughly 3-3 in terms of liberal/conservative balance.  The next president will choose at least one (and up to 4) Supreme Court justices.  Conservative values are at stake, and a swing to liberality in the Supreme Court will strike a death blow to conservative Christian values for decades.
  • By standing for immorality, the Democratic platform has elevated humanism above God.  God’s Word clearly calls abortion (murder), homosexuality and other immoral acts SIN.  Why would any Christian vote for that?
  • Hillary Clinton claims to have spent her life fighting for our children.  Then why not stop murdering 60 million of them before they are even born?  Why not protect them from perverts allowed to enter any restroom they want?  Why not work toward strengthening family units (as God designed them) that will appropriately nurture and raise our children?
  • In the last election, there was a difference of about 4 million votes.  Sadly, roughly 25 million Christians did not vote!  Dear American Christian, it is absolutely crucial that you vote…and vote your values.

Now to end on a positive note (or two)!  Though disgusted by the number of Christians justifying sin for the sake of candidates, I am also blessed and encouraged by the number of Christians beginning to take a strong stand for righteousness!  Great awakenings typically occur when the times are incredibly trying.  Let’s rise up!  (The Church Must Rise up ‘For Such a Time as This.’)

Also, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office in January, Jesus Christ still sits on the throne!  Be encouraged my Christian friends, and keep looking for the Blessed Hope!  He is coming soon!

Maranatha…Lord come quickly!


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