Amir Tsarfati’s Latest Message: “Europe: Ready for the Antichrist”

A couple weeks ago Amir Tsarfati joined Anne Graham Lotz, Mark Hitchcock and others in an “Understanding the Times” Prophecy Conference in Minnesota.  His teaching, Europe: Ready for the Antichrist, has recently been released (and appears below).

In it, Amir explains why he believes (as many reputable Bible prophecy experts do) the antichrist will rise from Europe.  Looking at the history of Babylon, secret societies, the European Union and the Catholic church, he weaves together a scenario that could produce the antichrist very soon.

The teaching is almost an hour long and I encourage one thing:  if you choose to watch it, please watch it all the way through (or at least skip to the final 10 minutes or so).  I believe we need messages of hope and messages of encouragement to continue looking up instead of looking around us.  Amir provides that encouragement after he builds the “dark case” for what is happening in Europe today, and the rise of the antichrist.  But you need to watch it all to get to that encouragement!

As Christians, we live in exciting times.  Times in which we see the events of this world lining up with what Bible prophecy tells us we can expect in the last days.  Prophecy is given, not to scare, but to prepare.  So, lift your heads, my friends!  We will soon be taken to be with our Lord Jesus forever!

Enjoy the teaching:

PS: We’re still studying Why Israel Matters: Rightly Relating to our Jewish Roots.  Tomorrow we dig into Romans 9-11…the meat of Bible teaching regarding Jewish-Christian relations.  Why not join us as we gather to study?

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