Is it Too Late for America?

The chatter is rampant!  Do you hear comments or questions similar to that at work, in public or even in your own mind?  Lots of people are disgusted with America, many are unaware of the times in which we live, and some are downright fearful.


While I believe God is still in control, and that He will grant revival if we humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways (2 Chronicles 7:14), time is short.  Just yesterday we outlined the moves Russia is making and how it aligns with the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, and how what is happening in Syria may be leading to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1.  Beyond that, we see signs of tribulational prophecies, such as one world order, global economy and false religion (all predicted in Revelation 17-18).

Perhaps you have heard the analogy: in the US, when you see Christmas merchandise in the stores and Christmas lights on the houses, you know Thanksgiving is coming!  Likewise, the rapture happens prior to the tribulation, yet we see significant signs of the tribulation!  The “tribulation lights” are on…the rapture is coming!

With that in mind, I want to speak to the horrid political situation in which we find ourselves.  My friends, politicians CANNOT save us.  Furthermore, Americans believe that both major presidential candidates (and the two minor ones as well) are disastrous.  We have absolutely no hope if we look to our presidential candidates.  We need the Lord, and none of the candidates are remotely close to exhibiting moral principles, much less Godly righteousness.

But listen carefully!  Throughout Biblical history, God used evil rulers for His purposes.  Think of Esther and her appeal to the evil Persian King Ahasuerus.  (Book of Esther)  Or what about David, the one anointed to be King of Israel one day, aligning himself with Israel’s enemy, the Philistines.  (1 Samuel 27)  In fact, God once spoke through a donkey to accomplish His purpose.  (Numbers 22:21-39, specifically verse 28)  If He did it once, He is certainly capable of doing it again!

What is my point?  Simply this: as American Christians, we do not have a suitable choice for president.  However, that does not relieve us of our Godly obligation to vote!  It is a privilege that God granted us by making us citizens of the United States.  We must get beyond the defeatist attitude that all is lost.  Christians, NOW is the time to stand up!

So, what do we do?  We make our choice based on who gives us the best chance of maintaining Christian values.  Once again, neither candidate gives a rip about Christian values.  However, the party platforms are almost diametrically opposed.  The very reputable Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has summarized and published the party platforms. Please take time to read that article before you vote.

This election is about saving our Supreme Court from becoming the most liberal court imaginable.  The next president will choose at least one and perhaps as many as four Supreme Court justices.  Justices serve for life, so those selections will impact America far into the future.  We risk totally losing our religious freedoms in VERY swift order.  We risk losing all opportunity to delegitimize the murder of unborn children.  We risk immorality of every kind imaginable becoming legal in our country.  Those things will happen with almost no opposition if we get this wrong!

Furthermore, consider this: a Vice President is only a step away from becoming the leader of our nation.  Not that I wish it on anyone, but with the tension rising, the possibility of something happening to our president seems greater these days than ever before.  It can be argued that both candidates have “impeachable” qualities.  Should something happen to the president, making it necessary for the VP to become president, who would you prefer:  the ultra-liberal Tim Kaine, who will continue dismantling religious freedoms and destroying the moral fabric of our country; or Mike Pence, a solid Christian who has often publicly stated his position regarding Israel, including:

…my Christian faith compels me to cherish the state of Israel.
~The Algemeiner, July 17 2016

Finally, the presidential race is not the only thing on the ballot.  Regardless of your state of residence, you have important races to decide.  Some are at the state and local levels, and can be more impacting than the national races.  There are also very important propositions on ballots across the country.  Here in Arizona, we are voting whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana.  (See important information about that here.)

My ballot arrived in the mail recently and I have cast my votes.  I’m urging every American Christian to do the same.  It is our right and our honor as Americans, but it is also a privilege granted to us by God.  We must be worthy stewards of the privileges God gives us.  Please be an informed voter.  Please understand what is at stake.  Please don’t succumb to a defeatist attitude.  All is not lost, and I believe God wants to bless His children…many of whom live in America.  Let’s rise up.  Let’s do the right thing.  Let’s live as though time is short…for it most assuredly is!  If every Christian votes their values, it will rock the election world!  Let’s rock it!

We’re getting back to the Why Israel Matters study soon, so pull up a chair to the study table and join us in fellowship together around God’s Word!

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