Obama Administration Refuses to Acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

From the Jerusalem Post, October 3, 2016 (online

The header on the transcript above says it all.

The transcript is that of President Obama’s remarks at the funeral of Israeli founding father, Shimon Peres, last week.  Kudos to President Obama for attending and for making complimentary remarks.  For that I am grateful.

However, once again his administration has clearly sided with those who, throughout their history, have intended evil against Israel.  The Palestinians have pressed the issue of just who is allowed to call Jerusalem their capital city…Israel or the Palestinians.  It is a divided city in terms of occupation, but is legally the eternal capital of the state of Israel.

Shamefully, our President insists on doing everything possible to appease the Palestinians…a group, under the rule of Hamas in some parts, that have continued to target and kill Israeli citizens.  Here, we find “Israel” clearly struck from the document as indicating Jerusalem as its capital.

It is reported that a senior administration official (not necessarily Obama himself) made the change.  However, he who heads the administration is responsible for the decisions that administrations makes…and this decision is consistent with other made by the President.

Dear friends, our nation is quickly becoming an enemy of Israel.  Thankfully, we still have a Congress who views Israel as a friend and an ally.  However, how long can that hold up if the next president takes the same stance as the current one?  One candidate has not only been involved (via the State Department) in distancing the US from Israel, but has also consistently stood on the side of President Obama.  Our nation is in deep trouble.  Please pray as we move forward in this election season.  Immorality, dishonesty and lack of integrity are rampant throughout.  We need a Great Awakening…and it won’t happen in our government.  It will happen only as God’s people humble themselves, pray and seek the face of our Lord.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)  Pray on, prayer warriors, pray on!

One thought on “Obama Administration Refuses to Acknowledge Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

  1. auntdonna131 says:

    I am thankful he does NOT represent the majority of the USA!!! GOD BLESS ISRAEL! I am on the winning side!

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