A Full Itinerary for Netanyahu in NYC

It appears the Israeli administration had a full game plan as Benjamin Netanyahu and his entourage traveled to New York City last week.  Not only did Netanyahu make his annual address to the UN General Assembly and meet for likely the final time with President Obama, he filled the remainder of his schedule with meetings with 15 African countries, as well as US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Meetings with African leaders is the latest in a big push by Netanyahu’s government to build relations with African nations.  In the spirit of “Tikkun Olam,” a Jewish concept (in the Mishnah) of making the world a better place, meetings with African leaders focused on security and technology partnerships to enhance each nation’s capabilities.

In a 90-minute meeting at Trump Tower on Sunday, it is reported that Netanyahu and Trump discussed  military assistance, regional security and stability, and Israeli border fence technology.  Additionally, CNN reported:

“Mr. Trump recognized that Israel and its citizens have suffered far too long on the front lines of Islamic terrorism.  He agreed with Prime Minister Netanyahu that the Israeli people want a just and lasting peace with their neighbors, but that peace will only come when the Palestinians renounce hatred and violence and accept Israel as a Jewish State.  Finally, Mr. Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish People for over 3000 years, and that the United States, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”
Time will tell if Trump wins the presidency and fulfills those commitments.
In an effort to avoid showing preference of one candidate over the other, Netanyahu followed up his meeting with Trump with a sitdown with Hillary Clinton.  Fewer details of the meeting were released, but it is reported by the Jerusalem Post that Clinton indicated that a “strong and vibrant Israel is vital to the US.”  Conversation regarding the Iranian nuclear deal (which Netanyahu opposed) also ensued.
On a separate note, the two candidates will debate tonight.  As I’ve indicated previously, I am not a fan of either candidate, and I doubt I’ll hear anything in the debate that will change my perspective.  However, we must be educated about not only the candidates, but also the issues in this election.  To that end, there is a very valuable resource produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The decisions we make this election season are crucial, and this publication provides insight that will assist in decision-making according to our Christian values.  Please take time to read  Democratic and Republican Party Platforms: Where do They Stand?  Then pray!  Then vote in November’s election.  Our nation is counting on us!

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